Wanted: Video: A History Of Apple


Last update: Feb 08 2014 15:55 EDT

I'm trying to find a video made by Apple in the 1980s titled something like "A History Of Apple" which they used to play as a promotional video at trade shows. I saw it frequently in Canada. I'm interested in seeing it again, as I have a memory of it being impactful and energetic, and it was part of the 1980s expanding computer culture.

To jog your memory, it used the song "Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)" to great effect.

If you have any information about this video, such as its exact name, or where it might be found, please contact me at: historyapple @ height8 .com (remove the spaces from the email address if you're doing a copy/paste)


Keywords: history apple swing louis prima benny goodman video vhs