DEC LA36 DECwriter II Terminal

Last update: Dec 20 2015 19:31 EDT

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Do you have a DEC LA36 DECwriter II Terminal sitting around unused that you're looking to get rid of? For nostalgic reasons I'm looking to get one or more into working operation. I miss the delightful crunch sound as each letter is printed, and the sound of the print head as it moves out of the way.

I'm hoping to find an LA36 because that was what I used in the 1970s (and the look, feel and sound that I'm trying to recapture). I understand the DEC LA37 is an LA36 with an APL/ASCII keyboard, so finding one of those would also be great.

These DECwriters are pretty heavy, so if you've got one in Toronto or Ontario (Canada), that would be ideal for local pickup. Elsewhere in Canada is good, or anywhere in North America might be workable, depending on shipping costs or figuring out a way of getting it.

From the EK-LA3635-OP-003 User Manual: Dimensions: 27.5 in. (69.85 cm) wide, 33.5 in. (85.09 cm) high, 24.0 in. (60.69 cm) deep; Weight: 102 lb (46.36 kg).

I'm looking for an LA36 that hasn't been water damaged by floods, ravaged by insects or electronically burned out, for a hobby project. I expect I'll need more than one to combine them together to end up with one that has all its keycaps, or for replacement parts.

I would also be interested in a DEC LA35 for some mechanical parts compatibility. The LA35 is a receive-only printing terminal version of the LA36.

A kind fellow gave me a DEC LA120 DECwriter III (LA120-DA) in September 2013, which I am currently cleaning up and getting into operation. For redundancy and spare parts, I'd like to get more DEC LA120s. If you have one you aren't using anymore, please let me know. The DEC LA120 DECwriter III came out after the DEC LA36. The LA120-DA is faster than the LA36 (with a different character print set, so the printing sound is different than the LA36), and the console/keyboard is a bit different as well.

I'll update this page as I continue my search, and when I'm no longer looking. So as of December 2015, I'm still looking. :)

If you've got a DECwriter you're looking to get rid of (or LA36 & LA120 inked ribbons, or boxes of unused continuous-feed holes-on-the-sides dot matrix printing paper), please contact me at: LA36 @ height8 .com (remove the spaces from the email address if you're doing a copy/paste)

If you ended up on this page out of curiousity, to see more details about the LA36 Dot Matrix printing terminal from DEC in 1974 check out


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