More than four decades in technology, all the way back from hand-loading bit toggle switches to enter bytes, core memory, punch cards, paper tape, mark sense, printing terminals, drives the size of washing machines and mainframes through to present-day cloud computing & scalable virtualization.

Canadian. Developer. Technologist. Video game designer and developer in 1970s through present.

#gamedev: Game Designer, Team Lead Programmer, AI Programmer, Release and Build Specialist. Can also generalize in level design, UI/UX, audio design, and deal with tools & pipeline. UE4/Unreal, Unity. Version control (VCS): Perforce Helix Core (P4D), Git. Continuous Integration & Build: PMEase QuickBuild, Jenkins, NAnt, MSBuild. Shell scripting: BASH, Perl, Python, MS-DOS/Windows Batch Files. Databases: MySQL, MongoDB. Tools: JIRA, Adobe Photoshop, Maya LT, Allegorithmic Substance. Cross-platform use, development, deployment (Windows, macOS, Linux, cloud, console).

#writing: Technical Writer. User manuals, guides, FAQs, documentation, user tutorials and app-embedded help files, technical support help & documents. Developer documentation, API documentation, developer tutorials. Tools: Scrivener, Scapple, Microsoft Office suite, BBEdit, Markdown.

#writing, #CanCon: Writer, Ghost Writer. Tools: Scrivener, Final Draft, Microsoft Office suite, BBEdit.

#software, #saas, #appdev: Senior Developer, Full Stack Developer, Senior Application Developer. Node.js (Javascript), C#.NET, server-side Java, C and C++ hacking, Electron, VoIP & video streaming (WebRTC, Wowza, Asterisk), BASH, Perl, Flex 4, ActionScript/AS3, HTML. Decades of cross-platform experience, projects and companies. Low latency high availability scalable development.

#architecture: Software Architect, Solution Architect, Application Architect. Industry requirement analysis, architecture of software, process, development tools and implementation platform to meet business requirements, best-of-breed analysis of software, libraries, tools and technologies, industry niche analysis, product valuation, modernization analysis, cloud architecture, team lead implementation & development.

#devops, #sysadmin: Senior DevOps, Senior System Administrator. Administration, configuration, maintenance, security patching, monitoring and backup of Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Debian, Ubuntu and others), BSD, Windows Server (and workstation), managed switches, routers, firewalls, NAS and managed devices. Installation, configuration, maintenance of software and services including database servers (e.g. MySQL), web servers (e.g. Apache, Tomcat), SaaS and API systems (including Node, PHP). Virtual machine configuration, creation, instancing, templating, scaling, including on-premises virtualization (e.g. VMWare, CentOS virt), cloud instances (e.g. AWS EC2), containers (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes), and related network configuration, scaling and monitoring. Configuration, deployment and management of Continuous Integration, Configuration Management and Version Control systems.


Available for projects, consulting or employment, as well as ad hoc due diligence advisement, and some mentoring.

I'm on Twitter, or reach me at: cold contact @ height8 .com (remove the spaces from the email address if you're doing a copy/paste)

Historical: While the ADN social media network was operating a number of years ago, I was on the Discover ADN podcast

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